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Staff Council Newsletter

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Staff Council Newsletter

Fall 2009 Newsletter

A word from the Staff Council chair
Joe Windish
Thank you for reading this inaugural edition of the Staff Council newsletter. This newsletter is the product of the volunteer efforts of Georgia College & State University staff. We thank them for their efforts and look forward to future editions. As of this writing, we are still looking for a name for the newsletter! If you have an idea or suggestion, please send it to us via the Feedback Form on the Staff Council website (

Staff Council kicked off the year with a retreat held in the West Campus Center in July. The goals we established there include: the review of Staff Development guidelines in order to make them more broadly effective and accessible to all staff, hosting activities throughout the year to help staff face the difficulties that come with the budget challenges, and to continue to build on last year's successful expansion of staff recognition across campus.

The day-long retreat also included a round table presentation by past-chairs of the history of Staff Council here at Georgia College. Carol Brown, Ainsely Eubanks, Barbara Monnett and Rose Murner attended; Cindy Bowen contributed materials and background. Notes from the discussion will form the basis for a new History section on the Staff Council website. Dr. Paul Jones also attended to thank delegates for their service and to kick off the year on behalf of President Dorothy Leland.

A primary mission of Staff Council is staff advocacy. One way we achieve that part of our mission is through staff representation on University Senate and on various other university-wide committees and task forces. Staff representation does include participation from staff who are not currently serving as delegates.

University Senate Representation
Joe Windish Senator and member of RPIPC
Liz Havey Senator and member of RPIPC
Liz Havey Senator and member of RPIPC
Erin Weston Senator and member of RPIPC
Jen Maraziti Senator and member of SAPC
Danielle Fields Committee member of RPIPC
Jennifer Graham Committee member of SAPC

This year staff was represented on the Strategic Resource Management Task Force. One high priority issue for staff was the flexibility of furlough days. The Task Force recommended, and President Leland adopted, a provision that permitted an alternative furlough schedule to be worked out with their supervisor in those cases where the established furlough days would create a special hardship. For example, employees paid on a bi-weekly basis may request an alternative furlough schedule based on half-day (4 hour) increments. The following staff members represented the staff perspective on the task force:

Strategic Resource Management Task Force
Staff Representation
Staff Member Division
Mike Chambers Office of the President
Clyde Boone, Jr. Business and Finance
Mandy Peacock University Advancement
Lori Westbrook Academic Affairs
Cindy McClanahan Student Affairs
Joe Windish Staff at Large

We look forward to the important work ahead. We can only be successful if we have the support and involvement of staff. If you can come to our meetings, please do. If you have a suggestion or an issue you believe we should be addressing, please send it to us through the confidential feedback form on our website, or via email to All suggestions are reviewed and considered by the entire Executive Committee. We look forward to hearing from you!


Staff Spotlight: Brown "Cool" Marshall
By Rick Ruark
Staff Council NewsletterAlmost everyone knows Cool. He has been an icon for GCSU Physical Plant with the faculty, staff and students since he began his career here over 31 years ago. Cool came here after the old Griffin Pipe company closed and ended his 25 year employment with them. His old supervisor from the pipe company was the person responsible for bringing Cool to us.

"I was hanging out on the strip when my old boss from the pipe company came by," said Cool. "He said if I didn't have anything to do tomorrow, I am going to come by and get you to fill out an application at the college."

Cool said he met up with his old supervisor the next day which was a Tuesday and started work the following Monday. "He hired me right off the street."

Cool has worked in every building on campus and has enjoyed the people in each one.

So how did Cool get his name? Actually it was given to him by the students. He remembers when MSU was first opened up and some students had had a party there the night before. Cool got to work around 6 am when he heard some students talking in one of the rooms at MSU. They approached him and asked if he could help them clean up so they would not get in trouble. After he helped the students with their problem, they were telling the other kids 'that's a cool old man,' and the name stuck.

So now we know about Brown "Cool" Marshall. If you see him around campus do not hesitate to speak, because everyone knows "Cool".

Daniel's Corner: Furlough Days
By Daniel Brown
Have you ever thought to yourself, "Hey, I've got all these furlough days and I don't know what to do with them?" I know I have. We here at the newsletter have got your back though. We have pulled together our resources to find you some free or inexpensive things to do while you're taking one for the team. Granted some of you may want to fill your free time with some side-work trying to make a little extra bread, and that's cool. For the rest of us it's a chance to find something to do that's pretty cheap and hopefully fun enough to take our minds off the fact that we're not getting paid.

I guess the best place to start would be downtown and work our way out. The antique stores are full of stuff that's interesting to look at, kind of like odd little museums that don't charge admission. But be wary! Chances are that you will run into people who aren't taking a furlough day. Don't let this distract you. You can still look at them and be glad that you are eating an ice-cream cone at your leisure. Also, you can still use your parking pass so you don't have to worry about getting a ticket. If you get hungry, many of the local eateries have lunch specials, and you might just end up trying something new. Whether you like it or not isn't the point; it's all about the experience. So the city isn't your deal? You kind of dig nature and stuff right? Look no further than the river walk. While ignoring the highway, you can pretend that you're far off in the wilderness, or if you have a boat, you can take off downstream. For those with a nose for botany, right up the road is Lockerly Arboretum. They have all kinds of different plants from flowering bushes to age-old trees. Still further away is Lake Sinclair. There are various state parks that grant access to the water via boat ramps or sandy beaches.

There are towns other than Milledgeville, and if you have the gas and the wherewithal to take off down the road, you can visit them! Macon has some stuff that's free, and depending on the individual, might be fun. Rose Hill is probably one of the prettiest cemeteries where I've wandered around. One time I was walking through a grassy part, when I noticed the corner of a grave had collapsed. It was one of those old ones with the bricks laid on top, and a few of the bricks had caved in. I looked down and saw a leg bone! I'm for real! But don't let that stop you from visiting; it really is a nice place. Besides leg bones, you can find the Georgia Music Hall of Fame, the historic Douglas Theater and much more in Macon. It's your furlough day; do what you want to do. If you wanted to you could sit at home and make waste baskets out of ripped magazines or knit socks for the coming winter. Just remember this; whenever that day rolls around, you won't be the only one.

For more furlough day trip ideas check out:


  • Erin Lineberger, Administrative Assistant from University Communications, married Donald Warnock on September 5, 2009 in Helen, Ga.
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Upcoming Events

  • Staff Council Meeting - Thursday November 19, 3 p.m.
  • Staff Lunch n' Learn Workshop,"Tips & Tricks for Black Friday Shopping" Tuesday, Nov 24 @ noon
  • Staff Lunch n' Learn Workshop, "Homemade Holiday Gifts" Monday, Nov 30 @ noon
  • Staff Holiday Reception Thursday, Dec 3, 2 to 4 p.m. in the Library atrium
  • Faculty Night at GCSU Basketball Thursday, Dec 3, 7:30 p.m. free admission for staff & family
  • GSCU Holiday Concert – December 3rd & 4th 7:30 p.m., Russell Auditorium
  • The Nutcracker – December 11-13, Russell Auditorium

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Just for Fun
Did You Know?
Did you know that you have a 1 in 649,739 chance of being dealt a Royal Straight Flush when you play poker? Your chance of getting struck by lightning is actually higher.

The can opener was invented 48 years after cans were introduced.

The only place in the universe where a flag flies all day, never goes up or comes down, never flies half-mast and does not get saluted, is the moon.

Why is it called a hamburger, when it doesn't contain any ham? During a trip to Asia in the early 1800s, a German merchant - it is said - noticed that the nomadic Tartars softened their meat by keeping it under their saddles. The motion of the horse pounded the meat to bits. The Tartars would then scrape it together and season it for eating. The idea of pounded beef found its way back to the merchant's home town of Hamburg where cooks broiled the meat and referred to it as it as Hamburg meat.

Fine more did you know fun facts at

Sodoku anyone?

Staff Council Newsletter


Craft Ideas
Looking for a fun project that won't cost you a penny? Make a waste basket out of old magazines, a toy out of your daughter's old tights, or a lamp out of old soda bottles. Check out these sites for recycled craft ideas:

Recipe Swap
By Susy Michel
Mexican Meatloaf

  • 1 lb ground turkey (or beef)
  • 1 C Salsa, divided
  • 1C crushed tortilla chips
  • 1/2 onion, chopped
  • 3 egg whites
  • Salt and pepper to taste

Preheat oven to 350 F. Mix turkey (or beef), 1/2 C salsa, crushed chips, onion, egg whites and salt & pepper in a large mixing bowl. Shape into loaf and place in pan. Bake 45 to 50 minutes. Pour remaining salsa over loaf, bake 10 additional minutes. Let stand 10 minutes before slicing and serving.

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